Emotional Freedom Technique is an energy therapy and can be used to effectively reduce the impact of a wide range of Physical and emotional issues, including fears and phobias, habits, pain anywhere in the body insomnia and bereavement emotions. It is a therapy that uses tapping on different meridian points on the body to release emotions that seem firmly stuck. It can change how you feel within minutes, even though you may have had this fear, anxiety or problem for many years. I have been able to help people loose their fears of insects (bees, flies, spiders, worms butterflies etc). Also the fear of needles, giving blood, eating disorders and bereavement anxiety that can be as raw as the day they lost their loved ones. Also fear of flying, travelling on motorways. There is no limit to what can be helped by rebalancing the flow of energy. Everyone is an individual and not everyone can be helped.
This is one of the most satisfying treatments to give as it is wonderful to see the freedom someone feels when that worry is lifted.
Covid 19 may make you concerned about your children returning to school or yourself returning to a work environment that you perhaps feel vulnerable in.
You will be seen in a safe freindly room, which is easy to access on the ground floor.

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Please give me a ring to discuss it or text 01296 658876 or 07925115377

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