During your first treatment there is a short consultation where details of your medical history, lifestyle and diet are recorded prior to any treatment.

The treatment session usually takes about an hour.

I first read your feet by looking at the size, shape, length of each toe and skin tone which reveals your probable emotional and personalty traits.

I then give a Vertical Reflexology treatment which although only takes a few minutes, is 20 times more powerful than conventional Reflexology. This is done while you stand up and provides deeper access to your reflex points, sometimes causing a little discomfort for a few seconds. It is also extremely useful for wheelchair clients.

I then perform Auricular Reflexology on your ears which also mirror your body and give me a good indication to your general health.

You then lay on my very comfortable couch and receive the Reflexology treatment when classical nerve reflexology takes place linking meridian and reflex points. At this time more foot reading can be done as I am now able to see the soles of your feet too.

Foot Tapping is an Emotional Freedom technique used to help the body deal with emotional issues and takes Reflexology to another level.

If you have come with a particular health issue, I will teach you some hand reflexology for the affected area to be done in between treatments.


First session: 90 + minutes 89 . This includes a detailed consultation, nutritional advice and a full Reflexology treatment
Follow up sessions: 60 minutes 55

Gift vouchers are available for that "special" present for the person who has everything.

To visit the Association of Reflexologists look at their website:

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